My Songs.

Empyrean Way Album songs

1. Empyrean Way - Empyrean is a word relating to Heaven. It was used to describe the highest part of heaven, thought by the ancients to be the realm of pure fire. Alternative Rock song that headlines the album. Perfect for full bands if they want to do a cover of it!

2. Uncover - A Pop Rock song with real instruments and some programmed effects. Clean vocal with layered harmonies!

3. Sunny Skies - Pop Rock song with a happy vibe given by the ukulele instrument.

4. Solitude - Slow acoustic song, very vocally orientated with some nice harmonies. 

5. Fatal Attraction - (Feat. Charlotte Wood) Jazzy, Pop, Alternative song with a real blend of genres. Nice Sax solo at the end! Duet song sung with the talented Charlotte Wood!

6. Days Of Our Past - Nice ballad with some string insturments, but keeping to that Alternative Rock feel. 

7. 1945 - Storytelling song about a woman's life, an album favourite for most!

8. Grace - Pop Rock song. One of my earlier songs.

7. Please Stay - A nice chilled-out bonus track to the album. Live performance of just me singing on my acoustic guitar!