Elliot Rose Singing Teacher

I have been a professional singer active on the music scene for eight years and was taught in the fields of contemporary and moden day genres since the age of five.

Growing up, I completed my music grades in singing at a local music school , after which I fell in love with the techniques used by opera singers to create colour, range and power in the voice and I found an operatic teacher who had an established singing career in London.

He taught me a broad range of vocal techniques that engage the body and free the breath. Using sources as diverse as The Bel Canto School, Yoga and Pilates he gave me a full knowledge of  not just the voice, but the whole body in relation to singing.

I also won a place at The Brighton Insitute of Modern Music where I learned to improve my ability to perform in front of an audience and write songs. I progressed into singing Rock, Pop and learning different vocal styles to create a much more diverse sound.

Using the knowledge I have been taught throughout my life, along with my love for music, my approach to teaching is to help my students engage and strengthen the parts of their body used for singing resulting in a direct and powerful impact on the voice and vocal technique.

Extending vocal range and colour is achieved in a variety of ways and like a muscle, the voice has to be trained properly over time to strengthen it. In this way, we can acheive perfomances of greater depth and interest to the audience - be it opera, concert, music-theatre, rock or pop.

Location: Biggleswade (Bedfordshire)

Fees: £25 Per hour,  £15 for 30minutes. 

Number: 07597 193762

Email: elliot.music@outlook.com